Peter Wigglesworth wins Black Belt London Live II

Peter Wigglesworth wins Black Belt London Live II

Monday, 4 April 2011

Reading resident Peter Wigglesworth has become the most recent champion of Black Belt London Live after defeating Michael Yiannikkou heads-up. Both players chopped the money heads-up and took home $16,000 each but it was Wigglesworth who also collected the trophy.

A field of 414 included amateurs as well as pros like Richard Ashby, Willie Tann, Jake Cody, Ross Boatman and Neil Channing. The $275 buy-in was affordable to all and a large field reflected this. A prize pool of over $100,000 ensured a nice first prize and a guarantee of $2,000 for everyone at the final table.

Wigglesworth had nothing but praise for his opponent, claiming: "He did all the work for me. I just had a good run of cards near the end. My first live result was actually in last year's event. I finished 15th but felt I should have made the final table, so was determined to do better this time around."

Wigglesworth won after the heads-up chop when the money went in on a Ks-8h-4h flop; Yiannikkou held Qs-8s for second pair and a backdoor spade draw while Wigglesworth had flopped K-Q for the dominating hand which held up despite a turned spade for his opponent. The full final table payouts were as follows:

1.Peter Wigglesworth $16,000
2.Michael Yiannikkou $16,000
3.Gareth Alder $9,600
4.Gavin Hall $7,450
5.Andy Nguyen $4,500
6.Raj Rugwhani $3,520
7.Louise Manson $2,850
8.Stephen Power $2,250
9.Seth Webber $2,000

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