Pensioner Goes Postal After Poker Loss

Pensioner Goes Postal After Poker Loss

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

We all know how tilting a downswing can be; especially if it drains our bankroll to the point of non-existence, but few of us will have reacted like John Dougherty from Florida.

Having lost all of his money betting on horses and playing poker, Dougherty decided the best way he could replenish his bankroll would be to put a pair of pants over his head, load up his shotgun and drive to a small bank in Lakewood Park reported the Palm Beach Post.

Once at the bank the 73-year-old forced staff to put money in a shopping bag before fleeing the scene with just under $2,000 in his possession.

Unfortunately for Dougherty, bank workers had planted a tracking device in his bag and after tracking the device police were able to apprehended him at his home before charging him with theft.

Pensioner Robbery

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