Penny auction site open for business

Penny auction site open for business

Tuesday, 17 August 2010, a new website offering poker and casino players a cheap way to get hold of tournaments and credits, is open for business.

A statement from Bidibot outlined the concept. “Let's say a player is interested in $500 credit on Betfair Poker. They enter the auction, which starts at $0.00 with a countdown timer of approximately five minutes. Each bid in the auction is set at a fixed price of $0.01 and every time a bid is placed, 30 seconds is added to the countdown timer. When the timer hits 0, the last person to bid wins the auction item - so $500 credit on Betfair Poker can be theirs for as little as 1 cent.”

John Tabatabai, CEO of Bidibot, added, "Just as eBay found a new way for people to access discount goods, has stripped away the financial barriers that prevent many poker players from developing their game and playing in higher stakes events."

Players can found out more at next month's Poker In The Park Festival where will be one of the many exhibitors.

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