Pennsylvania Bill Progresses

Pennsylvania Bill Progresses

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The legalisation and regulation of online poker in Pennsylvania moved a step closer to reality yesterday following the passing of a bill by the American state’s House Oversight Gaming Committee.

Lawmakers in the north-eastern state gave House Bill 649 the provisional nod by a margin of 18 votes to eight although the proposed legislation still has many hoops to jump through before online poker players in Pennsylvania will be able to fire up their laptops.

The proposed legislation still has to clear a vote in the state’s House of Representatives followed by another ballot in the Pennsylvania State Senate before heading to Democrat Governor Tom Wolf (pictured) who has the power to sign the measure into law or exercise a veto.

“Regardless of House Bill 649’s pathway to becoming law in Pennsylvania, we want to see Internet poker legislation enacted this year,” said John Pappas, Executive Director for the Poker Players Alliance.

“Therefore, we are calling on all Pennsylvania poker players to tell the state’s policymakers why passing this bill is so important to Pennsylvanians and urging all poker reporters and activists to help spread the word through media outlets, blogs and social media forums.

“It is absolutely crucial that Pennsylvania state representatives, senators and Governor Tom Wolf are hearing from their constituents about the consumer benefits of licensing and regulating Internet poker in the state.”

If the measure does eventually clear all of its potential hurdles, Pennsylvania will join Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey in being able to offer legal and regulated online poker to players within its borders.

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