Payout Changes For WSOP

Payout Changes For WSOP

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

World Series of Poker organizers have announced that they have dropped the controversial $10m guaranteed first prize at this year's Main Event.

If last year's Main Event entrants (6,683) is matched in 2015, the Main Event winner can look forward to a pay day of $8m instead. The top 1,000 finishers will make the money compared to the 693 who cashed in 2014. Each member of the November Nine will pocket at least $1m.

“The dream of life-changing money is core to the DNA of the WSOP Main Event and we also want to make it easier to experience playing in poker’s Big Show,” said WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart.“Our players understand numbers, and 2015 now presents the best odds ever to leave the Main Event a winner.”

The original $10m guarantee for the winner provoked a storm of criticism, led by Daniel Negreanu, who said, “I see no evidence that a $10 mill first prize does anything to attract more players. Having more people leave a winner would IMO”.

Kid Poker added that he was, “yet to hear either a pro player or an amateur that is in favor of a $10 mill first prize. It truly doesn't serve anyone's best interest”.

Last year's Main Event winner, Martin Jacobson pocketed $10m of the $62m prize pool. That equates to around 16%. Under the new structure, the winner will take home around 12.7% of the money.

The chief critic of the old format was quick to give the new look structure his backing.

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