Patrik Antonius wins over $700k at the high stakes PLO tables

Patrik Antonius wins over $700k at the high stakes PLO tables

Friday, 20 May 2011

Well, we haven’t had a match at the dizzying stakes of $500/$1,000 for a good long while. Patrik Antonius solved that one for us on Wednesday, taking on Rui Cao at the heads-up Omaha tables for 1,404 during which he totally dominated, winning $729,000.

The largest pot was a 5-bet pre-flop hand with a board of Qh-5c-2d. There was only one move left on the flop for both players and the all-ins created a $293,000 pot; Antonius was miles ahead with A-A-5-4 versus K-J-T-3, Rui Cao was dead to backdoor draws. Antonius held on both turns and rivers in the run twice pot, taking both halves of the monsterpotten.

On Thursday morning, Antonius compounded his success at the Omaha tables but this time at the fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo ring games. He was up nearly a million for the session including his match against Rui Cao but ended up losing some pots and taking home only $900,000. Diddums.

Since Black Friday, Antonius is up nearly tree-fiddy million as he unquestionably dominates the high stakes games. He was as good as the best US players but now he’s seemingly unstoppable. This takes his lifetime cash game earnings on Full Tilt to nearly $14m, more than Erik Seidel has won in live tournaments. That doesn’t count the several million he won on his pre-Red Pro accounts as well. The man is undoubtedly the biggest online poker winner of all time. And handsome, to boot.

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