Patrik Antonius wins a quarter-million at high stakes Omaha

Patrik Antonius wins a quarter-million at high stakes Omaha

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Despite the EPT Grand Final and the WPT Championship we’ve still had some online action at the high stakes, notably at Full Tilt Poker where Patrik Antonius has continued his post-Black-Friday domination of the nosebleed games. Most recently he made off with $265,000, most of it formerly lining the pockets of Gus Hansen.

Antonius and Hansen played two sessions of Omaha 8 at the dizzying $1,000/$2,000 and $2,000/$4,000 limits, over the course of which the Finn managed to win over $175,000. Antonius also got some rungood in a $300/$600 PLO session, notably in a six-figure hand versus Canadian Isildur1 XWINK.

On a 7d-4d-5d flop Gus Hansen lead out from the big blind, Antonius called and XWINK raised. Antonius called again and then raised XWINK’s second barrel on the blank turn; XWINK committed all his chips and revealed Ad-2d-3s-3h for the nut flush; Antonius turned over 8d-6d-5c-3d for a six-card straight flush; he only needed five of them to win the $103,000 pot though.

Another big winner was Kagome Kagome – that’s what happens when you’re not constantly playing Phil Ivey. He has moved from super-high-stakes heads-up Limit Hold ‘em to the Draw games and furthered Gus Hansen’s decline with a $180,000 win over the Great Dane.

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