Patrik Antonius talks frankly in Interview

Patrik Antonius talks frankly in Interview

Thursday, 24 September 2009

In a candid interview with Inside Poker magazine, Full Tilt pro Patrik Antonius has spoken at length about his online play, tilt, why Gus Hansen is better than Phil Galfond and who he’d like to punch.

“I will fight Mark Vos and he could have three minutes where he could just punch me,” Antonius said in response to a possible prop bet with MMA, which he is keenly into. “He could have one round to try and win. I would love to break his nose. This guy has been putting his nose into my business and telling lies about me. Everyone knows he is a total piece of shit.”

Other players he discussed got off lighter – no threats of assault here, as he talks about Gus Hansen, who is thought by many to be “the fish” in the high stakes games.

“I respect his game and think he is a better poker player than OMGClayAiken and Urindanger but he has some weaknesses too,” Antonius admits. “He knows exactly how to play but he is too sloppy and lazy and has too much gamble in him. But he is very tough in limit games and it is never easy with Gus.

“Urindanger plays very bad pot-limit Omaha and OMG has made so many terrible calls against me. Those guys have obviously been running very good and it’s evening out now,” he says, to the shock of online fanboys the world over.

“If I was putting a list of the top 10 players they would be there, but there is a reason they only play when there is a fish in the game. They don’t mess around with the best players.”

The Full Tilt Poker representative also expressed a desire to play against Luke “__FullFlush1__” Schwartz but confessed to finding the Brit’s chosen stakes of $200/$400 “boring”.

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