Patrik Antonius talks about Isildur1

Patrik Antonius talks about Isildur1

Thursday, 10 December 2009

An interview at the Full Tilt Poker poker academy sees Phil Gordon sit down with Patrik Antonius, asking him about the nosebleed online games and, of course, the Swede known as Isildur1.

Overall, Antonius is very complimentary of the young not Viktor Blom, stating that he sees no reason why Isildur1 will not remain a force in the high stakes games for a long time: “he has a lot of talent.”

Antonius says he has never reviewed hand histories after a session, not even after playing durrrr across four high stakes Omaha tables. However, he did so after playing Isildur1 and losing over a million, realising that he “made a lot of bad calls.”

The hardest thing about playing Isildur1, Antonius says, is that he’s constantly pressuring you to make huge decisions in every hand. The Finn says this is extrapolated when he’s doing this to you on four tables.

You can watch the interview here

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