Patrik Antonius nearing $1m profits for 2010

Patrik Antonius nearing $1m profits for 2010

Saturday, 21 August 2010

It was widely reported that Patrik Antonius had a torrid start to 2010 and was losing money faster than it was possible to imagine. By March of this year he had lost $3,610,000 at the nosebleed tables including over three-quarters of a million dollars to Tom “durrrr” Dwan in the durrrr challenge.

However, no one dared to speculate that he was down and out. Possibly the most successful online poker player in the world, Antonius slowly but surely won it all back after taking a brief sojourn from the poker world. By the end of April he had reduced the deficit to less than $20,000 and a month later was plus $12,000 for the year.

Now? He has been on a tear since the beginning of July and is currently on over $800,000 net profit for 2010. While this doesn’t put him close to Tom Dwan’s $4m year nor Phil Ivey or Jungleman’s $2.5m scores it is a remarkable achievement to have won almost $5,000,000 in just a few months.

Will Antonius have his usual huge year by the end of 2010? Only time, and the action at Full Tilt Poker, will tell.

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