Patrik Antonius “has less than $100 in his Full Tilt account”

Patrik Antonius “has less than $100 in his Full Tilt account”

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Yesterday we brought you news of a video interview with Patrik Antonius, sans Full Tilt Poker badge, in Cannes. During the course of the video, he said he was very saddened by what Full Tilt were doing to the reputation of poker and revealed he will be one of the biggest losers if the site goes down.

Noah Stephens-Davidowitz of Subject: Poker, a man who seems to know everything that happens in the poker world, claimed to be “pissed off” by the interview and claimed that “Antonius has less than $100 in his FTP account, and he owes FTP a smallish amount,” NoahSD posted in this thread on Two Plus Two.

He also added that “[Antonius] is not a US resident, so he had 2.5 months to get his money off the site. He stopped playing in May. FTP shut down June 29th. He has $100 in his account right now.”

Finnish poker site spoke to a representative of Patrik Antonius, who said that his client “has a significant financial interest in Full Tilt Poker, though his own account balance was very low. Debts between players.... most of Patrik’s possible losses are related to his. In addition, Full Tilt owes Antonius money.”

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