PartyPoker release software upgrade for a fish-friendly site

PartyPoker release software upgrade for a fish-friendly site

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

PartyPoker has released a software upgrade that gives the online poker experience at the site a new edge and seems to make it more fish-friendly; good news indeed for any professional players who call PartyPoker their home or any winning grinders who are looking for a new site.

Two of the new features at the tables are the Rabbit Hunt and Show a Card features – the former is the ability to see the turn and river after you have folded, meaning that the fish will regret folding their jack-high flush draw knowing a fifth spade would have arrived on the river. The Show a Card feature gives you the ability to screw with your opponents’ heads by revealing one of your hole cards during play.

They have also joined Ladbrokes by introducing Anonymous tables at their cash games, where instead of usernames or handles players are called simply ‘Player 1’, ‘Player 2’, ‘Player 3’ etc. In addition, a search feature has made it easier to find the ever-burgeoning list of PartyPoker Pros and new tournament information is available to competitors.

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