Million Dollar Hand starts today Million Dollar Hand starts today

Friday, 5 June 2009 is offering players the opportunity to win large - thanks to the second incarnation of their Million Dollar Hand promotion.

Players will be awarded a playing card for every 15 Party Points they earn between Friday 5th June and Saturday 28th June. Once they build up a five-card hand then they can win. Anything featuring a pair or better will receive a cash prize with a cool million dollars the reward for anyone compiling a Royal Flush.

A spokesman said: “The promotion was so well received last time that the Million Dollar hand rides again from Friday onwards. The promotion is longer this time around and players can now earn 48 hands, which equates to 2 hands per day over 24 days, instead of the 34 hands it was limited too last time around. With more hands available the chances of a $1 million Royal Flush are much greater in June than it was when the promotion ran in March. The insurance premiums we paid for a $1 million Royal Flush payout are significantly higher than they were last time!”

“The last run of the Million Dollar Hand promotion was extended by five days because it was so popular. A total number of 70,908 pairs, 8059 two pairs, 3611 three of a kind, 628 straights, 436 flushes, 245 full house, 41 four of a kind and 3 straight flushes were paid out between the 11-27 March. In total 83,931 WINNING HANDS paid out over $700,000.”

The payout is structured as follows:

Royal flush $1,000,000

Straight flush $10,000

Four of a kind $1,000

Full house $250

Flush $100

Straight $50

Three of a kind $20

Two pair $10

One pair $3

All points earned still count for Palladium Lounge rewards. For full details see

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