PartyPoker Million Dollar Hand returns on Tuesday

PartyPoker Million Dollar Hand returns on Tuesday

Saturday, 1 May 2010

One of's most popular promotions, The Million Dollar Hand, return this week.

Starting from Tuesday 4th May and running until Tuesday 23rd May players have the opportunity to win some huge cash bonuses. Players at PartyPoker's real money tables will be awarded a playing card for every 15 Palladium Lounge points they earn during the period. As soon as they build up a five card hand they will win a prize. Any pair will win a cash prize with a Royal Flush paying out a cool $1m. To get things started, each player will be given one card.

The payout structure is as follows:

Royal flush $1,000,000
Straight flush $10,000
Four of a kind $1,000
Full house $150
Flush $100
Straight $50
Three of a kind $20
Two pair $10
One pair $3

There's no limit on the number of royal flushes that can be hit so someone could get very lucky. Players can reveal a maximum of two hands per day throughout the promotion. Points acquired will still count towards Palladium Lounge targets.

A spokesman said: "The Million Dollar Hand is back! As Mike Sexton says 'May all your cards be live and your pots be monsters!' Thousands of cards are set to be revealed from Tuesday 4th May. The question remains - will the big one hit this time around? We've seen
straight flushes and scared the insurers but nobody has hit the royal...yet! The Million Dollar Hand also provides amazing extra value for members of the Palladium Lounge through the VIP Race."

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