PartyPoker Cash Machine is back next week

PartyPoker Cash Machine is back next week

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

PartyPoker’s popular cash machine promotion is back. Starting from Monday 4th January until the end of the month players will have the chance to turn their Party Points into cash.

To get a cash reward, players must earn 10 or more PartyPoints on at least 10 days during the promotion. At the end of the 28 days, PartyPoker will look at the PartyPoints collected on the 10 highest-earning days, and will give out $1 for every point earned on the lowest of those days.

For example, if a player’s top ten earning days contain four days at 100 points, three days at 150 points and three days at 200 points then they will be awarded a cash award equal to the lowest day, in this case $100.

Party Poker has also added an extra incentive for the most serious players. Those players earning a minimum of 1,000 PartyPoints per day, on 20 days out of the 28 days, and will be awarded with an extra Cash Machine Booster Bonus in addition to the standard Cash Machine payout.

See PartyPoker for full details.

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