Pamela Anderson launches Facebook poker app

Pamela Anderson launches Facebook poker app

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Online poker players can take on model, address and celebrity Pamela Anderson at the virtual poker tables after the former Baywatch star launched her own virtual poker site, BamPoker.

The free to play BamPoker app is available on Facebook and gives virtual Texas hold'em players the chance to take on Pammy at the tournament tables.

“We are committed to providing a fun, social and interactive gaming experience through quality game design,” said BamPoker co-founder and CEO Elton Pereira. “BamPoker encourages active user engagement and strong community spirit, something we feel has been missing from the online poker world. In a poker game, anything can happen,” Pereira states. “Even a flop can make you a winner.” Hence BamPoker’s motto: “That’s the Beauty of the Game!”.

As well as being the face of BamPoker, Ms Anderson is also an active member of the BamPoker community where she maintains a fan page, plays Facebook poker, and periodically chats with members via the BamPoker App.

The former Playboy cover star said, “When I first met Elton and Jeremy, I knew they were on to something special. They weren’t interested in creating just another game — they wanted to take the social elements of online poker in a bold new direction. There is nothing like BamPoker out there today, and I am excited to be a part of such an innovative platform!”

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