Pahuja Storms Day 3 of Full Tilt's Montreal Main

Pahuja Storms Day 3 of Full Tilt's Montreal Main

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day 3 of Full Tilt's Montreal Main Event saw just under 50 players hit the rail as the C$1,500 tournament moved one step closer to its final table.

The session started with 84 players eager to get their hands on the C$260,581 top prize but by the things came to a conclusion just 25 remained and leading the way when the dust had settled was Vinny Pahuja.

The day started with three of Full Tilt's professional ambassadors, Martins Adeniya, Dermot Blain and Hana Zoljan still in the mix but none of them were able to make it past the opening rounds.
Joining the ambassadors on the rail was a string of familiar faces such as Gavin Smith, Sam Chartier and Yann Dion, but at the other end of the spectrum it was Pahuja dominating the action.
The American pro pushed himself to the head of the pack just before the close of play with an impressive double elimination of Asadul Shah and Stacy Levac. Having watched a succession of bets beforehand, Pahuja looking down at Ad Kh and decided the time was right cold 5-bet all-in.

Probably expecting at least one of the two previous bettors to fold, Pahuja appeared somewhat shocked as both Shah and Levac committed their stack with pocket queens and aces respectively.

With Levac looking like the main contender for the 4 million+ pot a nervous looking Pahuja could only watch somewhat timidly as the dealer gave him a glimmer of hope with a Kd 9c 8d flop. Needing some more help to claim the pot, the Ks and Kc on the turn and river gave Pahuja an unlikely win and enough chips to take the chip lead.

Now in control of the tournament, Pahuja was left to bag his chips whilst Shah and Levac headed for the rail to collect their consolation prizes.

Today's penultimate session will play down to a final table of nine which will kick off on Thursday.

Top Five Chip Counts:
1 Vinny Pahuja 4,450,000
2 Eric Despres 3,625,000
3 Eric Larose 3,615,000
4 Michael Linster 3,445,000
5 Roger Lamia 2,680,000

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