Padraig Parkinson recovers from heart attack

Padraig Parkinson recovers from heart attack

Friday, 30 September 2011

Most of us don’t have our priorities set up so that after a 48-hour spell in hospital, we’re back on Twitter. Perhaps fortunately, most of us are not Padraig Parkinson. “1 heart attack. 2 days in intensive care,” he Tweeted three days ago. “They say in 1 month I will live a normal life; small price to pay.”

Parkinson was reportedly “carrying €26 of fruit and veg” when he suffered the heart attack. The UKIPT Galway champion and WSOP finalist spent two days in hospital before being released and Tweeted that he is well. He also noted that the attack occurred nine months after giving up smoking.

The ever-popular Irish poker legend was beset with well-wishing Tweets from the poker community, most notably Keith “The Camel” Hawkins asking if the attack was bought on by Surinder Sunar buying a round of drinks; Mike Sexton accused Padraig of having a heart attack to gain an edge in their weight loss bet – to which Parkinson lamented that his “dual amputation master plan” was scrapped.

Of course we wish Padraig all the best and hope he gets out of the sickbed and onto the felt as soon as possible.

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