PPA drafts letter to President Obama

PPA drafts letter to President Obama

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) advocacy group is urging its members to show their support for the game of poker by sending a specially conceived letter to President Barack Obama.

Currently available on the PPA’s website at ThePPA.org, the letter calls on President Obama to protect the right to enjoy poker in the absence of a Federal law against playing the game online.

“What's most important to me is your support for my rights,” reads the letter.

“Please respond to this letter and let me know you will support my freedoms. I hope that I, along with my over one million fellow Poker Players Alliance members, can count on your support.”

The letter also demands that the Department Of Justice cease its current programme of seizing the funds of online poker players.

“As a voter and a poker player, I am writing to ask you to oppose seizures of poker players' funds by the Justice Department,” reads the letter.

“I do not believe any Federal law restricts my right to play poker online and I believe poker players are being unfairly and improperly targeted in these actions.”

In addition, the PPA website features text for use in an e-mail that can then be sent to friends and family asking them to contact President Obama as well.

“Please take a few moments to help me and fellow American poker players fight for our right to play Internet poker,” reads the e-mail text.

“Although it is currently still legal in most of the US for anyone to play poker online, the current policy of our Federal government is to interfere with our access to the sites and to attempt to block all related financial transactions.

“Please help us lobby our Federal and state government leaders and representatives to pass legislation to license and regulate Internet poker so all US citizens will have unhindered access to the sites as well as needed consumer protections.”

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