PPA Hoping to get Lucky with Lichtenberger

PPA Hoping to get Lucky with Lichtenberger

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Andrew 'LuckyChewy' Lichtenberger one of the early online high stakes stars recently announced that he's throwing his support behind the Poker Players Alliance.

Owing much of his current wealth and good fortune to the virtual version of the game, Lichtenberger decided it was necessary for him to give something back in order to help the industry thrive in the US.

A meeting between the organization's marketing director, Drew Lesofski, and Lichtenberger resulted in the latter agreeing to help raise funds for the PPA. With his new role established, Lichtenberger immediately began corralling support from his fellow pros.

In a tweet to his peers, Lichtenberger asked those who love the game to make a donation to the PPA.

"Poker has granted me many positive experiences and I look forward to help fundraising for the @ppapoker at our events with other pros to make a positive change and share the game we love. If any pros want to get involved catch up with me as I'll be meeting with Drew again to organize events to raise awareness for online poker," wrote Lichtenberger.

Until now the PPA has lacked a recognisable voice to help raise its profile, however, Lichtenberger could be the linchpin that helps drag a new wave of online pros to join the fight. Although the PPA has done a solid job fighting the likes of Sheldon Adelson, additional help is always welcome and with Lichtenberger able to tap into a network of wealth and influence, it was certainly a strong move by the PPA to enlist his services.

"I will be attending the CPAC conservative political action committee) next week to engage politicians and political groups to rally behind," said the US pro.

To help Lichtenberger, check out his Twitter feed for regular updates.

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