Own a Piece of Poker History for $100,000

Own a Piece of Poker History for $100,000

Friday, 24 January 2014

WSOP bracelets used to not only be things of beauty but trinkets to be proud of, symbols of greatness in the poker world. However, in recent years the value of said bracelets seems to have declined and that's led to a number of players putting theirs up for sale.

Whether it's through lack of funds or just a lack of regard for the items, it's now the case that buying a piece of poker jewellery is easy than winning one.

That's certainly true at the moment as another as yet unknown poker pro is putting their 2013 WSOP bracelet up for auction. Unlike previous sellers that have waited at least a couple of years before parting with their trinkets, this particular champion has decided to get rid of theirs after just a few months.

Listed by GoldWatchCo under the description "World Series Of Poker Championship 10K Yellow Gold Bracelet From 2013", the only details given about the owner is that they are a "friend of Dennis" who works at GoldWatchCo.

The current asking price is $99,995 and the seller is willing to offer free shipping as well as a 14 money back guarantee if the item isn't as described.
Although no one has yet admitted to being behind the sale, the information that it's from a $10,000 event last year means it could be one of three candidates: Mark Radoja, Daniel Alaei or Jesse Martin.

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