Own a Card Room in Dublin

Own a Card Room in Dublin

Friday, 20 February 2009

Top of the mornin’, bejeesus and a point o’ Guinness. Now we’ve got all our jokes out of the way, on to the story. Fancy owning a piece of your very own card room for 5000 Euros? Bluff columnist Derek Kelly, best known as one of the founders of London’s Gutshot club, has become involved in opening a signature poker club in Dublin and is looking for 40 founder members.

The club is in Dublin City centre and will have a whopping 5000 square feet of card room area as well as a gourmet restaurant, a New York style deli and a full bar. Derek says the ethos of Gutshot will prevail with members coming first in every way.

A pretty big attraction is the Founder Membership Scheme the new club has where 40 founder members will own 40% of the operating company along with lots of other benefits. They have already recruited 20 founders since releasing details yesterday and at only €5000 a pop it’s not hard to understand why. Five grand for a share in a casino! Where else would you get such value? What it does mean is there are still 20 founder memberships still available at time of writing so if you want to know more then log on to http://www.gutshot.com/pdf/ICLfounder.pdf for all the information.
Now that’s value.

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