Online Poker's Bad Beats and Royal Flushes

Online Poker's Bad Beats and Royal Flushes

Friday, 10 October 2008

It’s never nice to be a poker player, play a hand absolutely perfectly and get all the money in the middle only to realise that the deck was freezing cold and you’re absolutely crushed. The pain of having your monster hand destroyed by a superior one is alleviated at Bodog, where 137 players have been paid the Bad Beat and Royal Flush bonus.

At a $1/$2 NL Hold ‘em table, sevensfull77 was dealt KK pre-flop and his raise was called by mich_alumni and ernvaksld. The flop came down K-J-T, all clubs, and sevensfull77 did the sensible thing by betting out with his top set on such a dangerous board. ernvaksld passed but mich made the call. On the 7s turn sevensfull77 bet again and mich_alumni raised. sevensfull77 made the call and hit quad kings on the river. All the money went in but mich_alumni’s AcQc took down the pot having flopped a royal flush.

The bonuses paid out for this vary – in this instance mich received $100 on top of the $417 pot and sevensfull77 got his money back, having received a $200 bonus.

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