Online Gaming Companies Announce Sponsorship of Spring Break

Tuesday, 4 April 2006

What would the annual spring break be without a line of online casino affiliates queuing up to sponsor every event imaginable? Dull, or simply a place where students who’ve spent the past semester racking up their credit cards playing online could go and forget their woes for a few days whilst drinking tequila shots on Miami Beach?
Well this year, they’ll have no such luck as Absolute Poker and Casino Profit share are weighing in with their brands to make sure any college students who haven’t thought about it playing online before, know exactly which sites to visit when they get back to their dorms before summer exams. Absolute is set to sponsor the ‘Beach Olympics’ down at The Palms, while Casino Profit share are throwing an Australian themed party for the annual Luau Dinner.
Whether there’ll be tables to play a few hands at whilst vast amounts of liquor are consumed is unclear, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise if that were the case.

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