Ongame Network Adds Casino Bets

Ongame Network Adds Casino Bets

Monday, 29 June 2015

NYX Gaming, the company now in charge of the Ongame Poker Network, has just integrated free casino bets into its poker product.

The software provider which offers facilities and features to sites recently announced that it would be building casino options into its poker platform in order to stay in line with current industry trends.

At the same time as that announcement the head honchos at NYX Gaming also explained that the new features would open up the possibility of more options in the future and it seems the free casino bets is the latest innovation.

"We recently introduced NYX OGS™ casino games in the poker client and are now really excited about adding casino free rounds as a new prize when completing a poker challenge. We continue to innovate and to combine excitement from different products into one combined experience," said Dave Flynn of NYX Gaming.

Aligned with the Ongame Poker Network's instant reward system (players earn instant bonuses after they complete certain challenges), the new bonuses will allow poker players to win free casino bets for hitting certain milestones.

Although some players aren't keen on the combination of casino and poker games, the recent movement of the industry has made it such that all operators need to be as diverse as possible if they want to stay alive in the modern day.

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