One Outer for $444k Bad Beat at Full Tilt Poker

One Outer for $444k Bad Beat at Full Tilt Poker

Friday, 17 October 2008

In a pot reminiscent of the High Stakes Poker hand between Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu, 'Ozzy87' and 'Elmariachimacho' were involved in another pot which will go down in poker history.

Once again the scene was the Rail Heaven table on Full Tilt Poker, which has already provided the biggest pot in online history. This time the flop came 3-5-9 with two diamonds, a board which saw Ozzy87 lead out, Elmariachimacho reraise, Ozzy87 move in and Elmariachimacho snap call. $444,000 in the middle and the cards to go on their backs. Both had flopped a set, with Elmariachimacho having middle set (55) against Ozzy87's bottom set (33).

Well, you know what came on the turn. The case three popped out leaving Elmariachimacho needing a one-outer of his own. It was a case of close, but not close enough as the 6d came on the river, leaving him – and quite possible his laptop – ruined.

That's got to hurt.

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