On Your Bike Russian - Tony G Talks Politics

On Your Bike Russian - Tony G Talks Politics

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Former poker player and now MEP, Tony G, recently spoke to Lithuania Tribune about Russia's use of propaganda in the west.

Acting in his role as a Lithuanian Member of the European Parliament, Tony explained that Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, has played a "great game" when it comes to disseminating pro Russian information across Europe.

Likening the tactics of his political opponent to a cunning poker player imposing their will at the table, Tony can be seen in the video stating that Lithuania and Europe need to work out a way to put forward their own ideas inside Russia.

Noting that Russia is welcome to put out its information in both the East and the West, but that Europe is somewhat restricted when it comes to penetrating Russian media, Tony said:

"Russian people deserve to know what people in London or Lithuania think. It's just an idea, it's not the truth. We can all find the truth in ourselves. Each person determines the things differently: that's democracy. Russia doesn't have democracy in my opinion, but maybe in Mr. Putin's opinion they have wonderful democracy."

Tony went on to say that if Russia's propaganda becomes too overbearing and aggressive, then steps will have to be taken in order to minimise its influence on Lithuania.

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