Oliver Speidel claims Aussie Millions Main Event

Oliver Speidel claims Aussie Millions Main Event

Monday, 30 January 2012

Oliver Speidel has joined the likes of Lee Nelson and Gus Hansen in the Aussie Millions winner’s circle, after defeating Kenneth Wong heads-up in a dominating performance. He kicked off the final table with a bang, eliminating Yann Dion, and proceeded from there.

Speidel also eliminated Patrick Healy in 5th place, then Mile Krstanoski in 3rd. This left him heads-up against Kenneth Wong with a dominating chip lead; the last hand perhaps sums up his tournament:

Wong raised over a Speidel 4-bet and Speidel went all-in. Wong called and tabled 9-9 but Speidel slammed down A-A, which held without a sweat to ship him the title.

The full payouts were as follows:
1. Oliver Speidel – AU$1,600,000
2. Kenneth Wong – AU$1,000,000
3. Mile Krstanoski – AU$610,000
4. Mohamed Kowssarie – AU$405,000
5. Patrick Healy – AU$300,000
6. Bjorn Li – AU$230,000
7. Yann Dion – AU$170,000

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