Oh yeah, that! Antonius and durrrr resume the challenge

Oh yeah, that! Antonius and durrrr resume the challenge

Monday, 2 August 2010

What with all the talk of jungleman12 taking the durrrr challenge, it had almost been forgotten that Dwan and Patrik Antonius were still competing in their incredibly lengthy 50,000 hands. Rumours that Antonius had bought out of the bet were proved false when Dwan and the Finn took to four challenge tables yesterday and played 280 hands.

Not much, admittedly, but who expected more? Also, Antonius managed to win hundreds of dollars a hand and reduce his deficit to $1.6m after a near quarter-million dollar win. With still around 10,000 hands to play Dwan is the heavy favourite but with the variance in Omaha Antonius has a hope of clawing it back.

The two have been playing the challenge since early 2009 with Dwan dominating almost throughout. The largest pot was just shy of half a million dollars, played around a year ago. Heads-up specialist jungleman12 has confirmed he will take the durrrr challenge so we have that to look forward to at Full Tilt Poker soon.

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