Obama Favourite Amongst Poker Players

Obama Favourite Amongst Poker Players

Friday, 5 September 2008

The people at DuplicatePoker.com do love a good poll. Their latest research has revealed that Barak Obama is the preferred presidential candidate in the coming US elections. What a surprise.

Clipboards at the ready, 1,639 American poker players were questioned. 1,043 said they would be voting for Obama, with only 596 McCain. When asked who they thought would win, the support for McCain waived further, with 1117 thinking Obama would be in the White House come 4th November.
Daniel Flamberg, Chief Marketing Officer at DuplicatePoker.com had this to say:

“These results are a good indicator of how Americans are processing and reacting to two weeks of orchestrated political theatre ... Poker players are particularly good at quickly zeroing-in on a winner.”

That and most poker players realise Barack offers a more promising outlook for online poker in the US. Simple enough, really.

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