November Nine prize pool bolstered by $459 interest

November Nine prize pool bolstered by $459 interest

Friday, 5 November 2010

With the World Series of Poker final table playing out tomorrow and the 2010 champion declared, the $28,220,514 remaining in the prize pool after each of the November Nine was given ninth place money ($811,823 apiece) was put into a treasury account for over three months and increased by just $459 in that time.

This works out as a total interest rate of 0.0003% per month on the huge eight-figure sum, which leaves many people scratching their heads. The amount overall has been added to the prizes for first through eighth, increasing first place from $8,944,138 to $8,944,310 with an all-important extra $172.

In total 7,319 players each put up $10,000 and 747 received at least $19,000 for cashing in the event. The total prize pool for the Main Event was $68,799,059 with the final table prize pool taking up almost half of that – the final nine players win $29,033,096 between them.

The series itself had 57 events in total – 54 open events plus the traditional Casino Employee, Senior and Ladies’ events – creating a prize pool of $187,109,850 over the course of almost two months as 72,966 seats were filled at The Rio.

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