Norwegian Pro Issues Political Challenge

Norwegian Pro Issues Political Challenge

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Readers of Bluff Europe are smart enough to know that poker is a game of skill rather than one purely dominated by luck. Politicians in Norway have tended to disagree which has prompted one top pro to issue a big money challenge.

“I challenge all politicians in Norway to play with me a Heads-Up freeroll of one million kroner, paid from my own pocket if one will be able to beat me in 10,000 hands,” Ola 'Odds_Oddsen' Amundsgård told the Danish site “I offer this challenge to prove that poker is not a game of chance (as the law of Norway claims to be). But a game based on skill alongside chess and bridge.”

One politician has so far taken up the challenge. The Progressive Party’s Erlend Wiborg confirmed he’d be taking on Odds_Oddsen in a post on his blog. Amundsgård’s “goal is to focus on the need to legalize poker as it is a game of skill. Both I and the Progress Party agree with him and therefore, I am pleased that the new government will soften the rules and make sure to allow poker in a controlled manner.”

The recently elected coalition government announced plans to liberalise the Norwegian online gaming market later this month.

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