Norwegian Players Robbed in Sweden

Norwegian Players Robbed in Sweden

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A group of approximately 15 poker players, mostly from Norway, were recently robbed by a group of gun-touting thieves in Sweden.

Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, the masked assailants stormed a private game in Strömstad and forced the players to the ground before reliving them of their bankrolls.

According to local police officer, Tore Lomgard, the players were seen as "easy targets" and the assault was "planned".

At present, real-money poker is illegal in Norway which has forced many local grinders to cross the border and ply their trade in private parties across Sweden.

This trend has led to a spate of similar incidents in recent months as criminals target non-locals visiting the country to play poker.

As yet there have been no arrests following the incident and the police are reluctant to say how much money was taken, but Lomgard did state that border officials are hunting for four suspects.

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