Nolan Dalla on Dan Colman

Nolan Dalla on Dan Colman

Thursday, 23 October 2014

There are few people in the world who have as much experience of the poker industry as Nolan Dalla, so when he talks it's usually a good idea to listen.

The American writer and poker expert has seen just about everything the industry has to offer over the years, but when he was recently asked about Daniel Colman on Poker Night in America he seemingly loses it.

Questioning how someone who has won more than $20 million from a few poker tournaments can call the game "bad", Dalla goes on to say that he should appreciate that money like that is more than sportsman in the NBA, NFL and NHL.

As his emotions start to boil over into a frenzy, Dalla bleeds to have just a slice of the "bad" Colman has had to endure if it means having a few million dollars in his back pocket. For all the rants about Colman's antics, this is certainly one of the more entertaining.

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