Noah Boeken joins MyPokerSquad

Noah Boeken joins MyPokerSquad

Thursday, 27 December 2012

We've not seen much of Noah Boeken on the tournament circuit in recent times but that's about to change as the the Dutch pro heads to the Bahamas for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and you could be taking a closer that usual interest in his performance.

Boeken, who has career tournament earnings of over $1.2m, has joined the team at crowd funding platform for poker players, and is selling shares of his action.

“Right away when I saw Mypokersquad I loved the idea to have people to be able and buy a piece of a player and sweat it like they are playin in the tournament,” said Boeken. “As a Promotion for me joining TeamPokerSquad I will sell 30% of my PCA tournament straight up so 1% is 1%.”

MyPokerSquad has backed players in France and Belgium over the past three years and will be expanding its service into the UK, Europe and the USA in 2013. The site is also a partner of the International Stadiums Poker Tour event at Wembley. For more information visit

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