No More VPPs for PokerStars Live Events

No More VPPs for PokerStars Live Events

Monday, 27 July 2015

PokerStars online evolution has now spread into the live arena following an announcement that offline events will no longer count towards your VPP total. Over the last few years it's been possible for players to earn additional VPP (VIP points) by anteing up in PokerStars owned live events.

However, in an effort to maintain the stability of the site's loyalty rewards system, PokerStars has now decided to stop offering VPPs for live events, effective from August 1. The decision to alter the system is due in part to the new taxation laws PokerStars is subject to across the world.

With local governments now pushing for more money from operators, PokerStars has been forced to adjust some of its offerings in order to balance the books. One of the latest efforts to preserve the overall structure of the rewards system is the removal of VPPs for live events.

Although this change will affect a number of pro players, it's hoped the move will benefit the majority of players in the long run.

To limit the negative impact on certain players throughout 2015, PokerStars has put in place the following procedure:

In January 2016, we will review our records and any player who would have earned additional Stellar Rewards or Milestone Cash Credits through earning Live Event VPPs will be manually credited their full value by January 31, 2016.

From August 1st 2015 thru January 1, 2016, if you believe that you would have maintained or earned a higher status as result of live play this year, please contact us at We will review your case, manually upgrade your VIP Status, and credit any discrepancy in FPPs earned to ensure no negative impact.

Any player with additional problems should contact PokerStars' VIP team via email:

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