Nick “StoxTrader” Grudzien multiaccounting

Nick “StoxTrader” Grudzien multiaccounting

Monday, 12 April 2010

In another case of a millionaire poker pro getting greedy and spoiling it all for the rest of us, StoxPoker founder and co-owner Nick Grudzien has been caught multi-accounting and colluding at Full Tilt Poker.

While this has nothing on the scale of Russ Hamilton’s infamous cheating at UltimateBet and AbsolutePoker, Grudzien has been using the accounts 40putts and knockedstiff to collude with LittleZen and Kinetica. These accounts are linked to Grudzien’s business partner, Robert Papps.

The evidence was put forth in this thread on Two Plus Two by NoahSD, who produced a wealth of evidence including some damning 3-bet statistics. For example, a table showed LittleZen’s 3-betting statistics against his 50 most frequent opponents. He 3-bet an open raise (not out of the blinds) around 6-10% of the time, but against knockstiff less than 2%. This meant that the colluding accounts were essentially only 3-betting AA/KK and AK – not horrible until you realise they are shortstacking and thus a 3-bet is a shove.

Read the whole thread here and make your decision.

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