Nick Jenkins Crowned APAT World Championship of Amateur Poker Champion

Nick Jenkins Crowned APAT World Championship of Amateur Poker Champion

Monday, 1 September 2008

The APAT Poker Association & Tour held the World Championship of Amateur Poker at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London from August 27th to 31st. The week consisted of four championships in Pot Limit Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Razz before the No Limit World Amateur Poker Championship main event.

The three side events won by David Howard (Pot Limit Omaha), Michael Bodman (Razz) and Owen Rankin (Seven Card Stud), attention turned to the main event, a £75 buy in tournament which attracted 205 poker players and your scribe. As the players fell one by one, we were eventually left with a final table on the Sunday which included the following nine players:

1 Briony Stone - 72,000
2 James Edwards - 140,000
3 Steve Stringer - 261,000
4 Stuart Osborne - 116,000
5 Nigel Johnson - 267,000
6 Nick Jenkins - 262,000
7 Robert Ingoldby - 597,000
8 Tony Ross - 95,000
9 Josh Hall - 251,000

Nigel Johnson was the first out in the final. First he lost a large all-in confrontation pre-flop with Josh Hall, AQ v KK and then pushed K9 into Ingoldby's K10 which held. Short-stacked Briony Stone was next followed by Stuart Osbourne who ran sevens into Tony Ross's Jacks.

Tony had a remarkable final table doubling up with Aces in the blinds, then again to take half the chips in play midway through the final.

Steve Stringer fell in sixth, Jacks out-drawn by Josh Hall's Ace Jack and then Robert Ingoldby, who had lost chips repeatedly challenging short-stacks departed in fifth.

James Edwards, who had been the most aggressive "pusher" at the final then went to the well one time too many, called by Nick Jenkins with A9 in the blinds, James had moved with 10 2 and missed to leave the tournament in 4th. Tony Ross then won a key pot with Ace-Queen against Josh Hall's pocket tens to leave Josh short-stacked. He found an Ace on the button but Nick Jenkins held Aces in the blinds. Josh Hall was knocked out in 3rd for the Championship Bronze.

Tony Ross began heads-up play with a 2:1 chip advantage, reversed when Nick found Jacks against Tony's Nines. A short while later Nick's Ace Eight held on against Tony's Queen-Jack, flopping two pair, to give Nick Jenkins the World Amateur Championship title and tournament win.

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