Nicely Done, John Juanda - 2008 WSOPE Champion

Nicely Done, John Juanda - 2008 WSOPE Champion

Friday, 3 October 2008

After such a slow heads-up match, the winning hand is ironically huge – quad sixes to take it down. That’s about £217,000 per six, not bad return on your investment. It’s official – after over 21 hours of final table play (when heads-up we were left with the two slowest players in the tournament), John Juanda continues the year of the pro in fine fashion.

It’s only fair, really – Negreanu already had a bracelet this year so let JJ have a shot. He took that shot finely, adjusting very well to the flow of the game and the momentum of the table. He rode it out rather than get carried away by it, and in the end it proved a successful tactic.

Far be it from me to comment on the play of someone who just won several hundred thousand pounds, but let’s just say that shoving your chips in with a bare four-high flush draw is an… unusual play. I’m glad the Mad Russian/Anti-Bomber/Scary Guy Dressed as Death did so though, because it’s always nice to have a well-known pro take down a bracelet, and a Main Event, no less! GG JJ and other assorted acronyms.

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