Niall Smyth wins Ladbrokes Irish Poker Festival

Niall Smyth wins Ladbrokes Irish Poker Festival

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

If Erik Seidel has been the don of tournament poker in the US in 2011 then Niall Smyth is his Irish equivalent. Smyth, who pocketed €650,000 after winning the Irish Open in June, added another €70,000 to his bankroll over the weekend after taking down the Ladbrokes Irish Poker Festival in Killarney.

Smyth started the final table as one of the short stacks but a timely double up with kings over Chris Paulsen's AK sent him rocketing up the leader board. He eventually sealed the win after beating Eamon Doran heads up when his flopped top pair held up against Doran's middle pair.

"It's epic. Just brilliant to win another big event.” said the delighted winner, “When my kings held against the A-K I knew I had a real chance. Being the Paddy Power Sole Survivor means I'm freerolling these events and it just couldn't be any better."

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