New style Sit N Go games at PokerStars

New style Sit N Go games at PokerStars

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

PokerStars has introduced a new series of Sit N Go tournaments to its already extensive roster of games.

The new Fifty50 tournaments are similar in structure to traditional double or nothing SNGs but the prize pool structure has been amended.

Like regular Double or Nothings Fifty50 tournaments will end once half the field have been eliminated. The difference comes from the fact that half of the prize pool gets split between the winning players equally, with the other half being awarded prizes based on the chip count percentages. For example, in a 10-player $9.30 + $0.70 Fifty50 tournament, the five players left at the end would receive $9.30 each plus $0.30 for every 100 chips in a player’s stack.

Basically, the more chips a player has when the fifth player is eliminated the more they will win. Fifty50's are currently running at the $10 buy-in level with extra stakes set to be added in the near future. Full information on the Fifty50 format plus information on how the payouts are calculated visit PokerStars Fifty50.

To take part in Fifty50 tournaments sign up for an account at PokerStars.

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