New prop bet for Tom Dwan?

New prop bet for Tom Dwan?

Monday, 26 April 2010

Earlier this year Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan were involved in a prop bet that would have seen Ivey going without meat for a year in return for a huge wodge of cash. Durrrr was the winner after Ivey paid up early but now another player has thrown down a food related challenge.

23 stone Mike “Mikey Knuckles” Hall has vowed to take Ivey's place in the bet and not eat meat for a year as well as vowing to lose 100lb. If he manages it then Dwan would have to pay him $2m. $1m to Hall himself and $1m to a public library fund.

If Hall loses the bet then he will have to give up poker and his beloved barbecues as well as a 2005 custom built Chopper style motorcycle as well as agree to work at McDonald's or another fast food restaurant for a year.

Hall, who averages 20 barbecue eating contests a year, said “There's plenty of room for negotiation. Heck, I'd be happy if the bet ends up at $150,000 (Phil Ivey's payoff amount). Dwan has nothing to lose but Ivey's cash."

There has been no word from Durrrr yet as to whether he'll accept this new bet.

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