New poker betting software launches

New poker betting software launches

Thursday, 23 June 2011

It's been quite the week for technological announcements. After Full Tilt's launch of Rush Poker on iPhones and iPads comes news of software that could make in play betting on live poker streams possible.

Irish firm Winmedia, which has been involved in poker broadcasting since 2003, has developed Radio Frequency Card Identification technology which enables them to stream live poker events in real time over the internet, opening up the possibility if in-running betting.

Winmedia can now offer traditional delayed feeds with hole cards or live streaming without hole cards but with graphics such as flops, standings, betting frequency of the players, odds (on a tickertape) and other statistics to keep viewers up to date.

Ian Langstaff of Winmedia said, "What's new and unique about this is that people can see the live game and place bets from the shuffle up and deal. By showing the hole cards later clients can gain more player information for the future and as a bonus the second stream keeps viewers online for an extra hour as they will all want to see exactly what happened.

“We can cover any poker tournament on our dedicated final table set and with our TV expertise can also produce a TV show for distribution as well as the live and delayed video stream. We can also supply a live and delayed perpetual poker stream from our secure studio as a betting /poker feed. The studio can be used for the final live table of online tournaments. The final 8 players can be sent to the studio and treated as VIPs as well as playing on TV."

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