New poker TV show from ‘Weeds’ producers – ‘Whales’

New poker TV show from ‘Weeds’ producers – ‘Whales’

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

For those of you not so attuned to the US television culture, ‘Weeds’ is a highly acclaimed series about a suburban mother who moonlights as a marijuana dealer for extra cash. The producers of this show were always known to be poker fans as both the WPT and PokerStars have been referenced in the programme.

Now Jenji Kohan and Matthew Salsberg, the people behind Weeds, have created a new show revolving around the poker world that follows a group of young men and women – Harvard and MIT graduates – who focus on poker and attempt to win a $10,000,000 first prize at the WSOP.

Despite the success of Weeds and the fact that poker fans with television experience are creating the series, poker fans are divided about the show. Generally, with the exception of Rounders, poker does not translate well to the screen. We’ll have to wait and see what the duo can come up with.

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