New book from Leatherass

New book from Leatherass

Saturday, 27 November 2010 coach Dusty Schmidt has released details of his forthcoming new book, the provocatively titled Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth: Correcting The 50 Worst Pieces Of Poker Advice You’ve Ever Heard .

Schmidt has teamed up with Way of the Poker Warrior author Paul 'GiantBuddha' Hoppe for the latest book which is aimed at players looking to beat tough cash games. As the title would suggest, the pair have plenty to say about much received poker wisdom.

According to Leatherass many so called experts, “don’t have any idea how to beat today’s games. They are often players who may (have) done well at poker at one point, but whose games have not evolved to match the aggression of today’s games. Sure, there were some like Phil Hellmuth who were once great players, but many of them simply got lucky at a couple of final tables and were able to build reputations for themselves that far exceeded what they really deserved.

“So in this latest book, I also set out to help people NOT make the same mistakes that I made in my poker game of searching for advice in all the wrong places. This book takes the 50 greatest misconceptions about poker and not only sets the record straight on how you should actually be approaching these decisions at the tables, but also serves as an overall strategy guide for beating NL cash games both online and live.”

The book will be available as an eBook from from 6th December with a hard copy version appearing in January. Sounds like an interesting read.

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