New Rebuy Rake at PokerStars

New Rebuy Rake at PokerStars

Saturday, 1 November 2014

A new tournament fee structure will come into effect on a selection of PokerStars platform on January 1 according to a recent announcement.

As part of Amaya's latest round of changes, certain players who access the online site's .com platform will be subject to increased rake charges at the start of 2015. As well as those on the .com platform, players on platforms that are subject to "high local taxes" will also be hit with bigger charges in the coming months.

According to representatives from PokerStars, the slight increase in rake will mainly apply to rebuy tournaments (most notably the rebuy itself) as well as hyper-turbo SNGs.

"New tournament fees will apply in rebuy tournaments for players whose play is subject to significant local taxes in the form of gaming duty and/or VAT. For such players, tournament fees equivalent to those charged for initial buy-ins will be charged for rebuys and add-ons. We will soon provide a full list of sites/countries affected on January 1," the recent announcement said.

Among the countries that will be affected by the new policy will be Belgium, Denmark and Bulgaria. Player in Germany will also feel the pinch when the new charges hit on January 1.

As yet the full list hasn't been disclosed, but the UK will already be subject to a slightly reduced VIP scheme once it transfers over to its .UK platform, which could mean British players are also hit with the new fee.

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