New Rake System for iPoker Skins

New Rake System for iPoker Skins

Friday, 30 January 2015

The iPoker Network is set to change the way it distributes revenue among its skins according to recent reports. The new system, which is being described as a hybrid, tries to even the playing field for operators and focus more attention on recreational players.

Known as Source Based Rake (SBR), the new system will come into play on February 1 and, basically, push revenues from those contributing rake and making few deposits to placing more emphasis on those that generate rake but make more deposits.

To implement this system, iPoker will create two accounts for real money players. One account will be a live account that contains their cash balance, while the second will be a virtual account containing a virtual balance.

As a player generates rake it will alter the value of their virtual balance and the revenue generated from this will be paid to the skins and deducted from the virtual account.

However, to ensure that skins aren't penalised for hosting a greater number of hardcore grinders, iPoker will only base half of its revenue calculations on the new method. The other half of the equation will calculated by the raked contributed method that's currently in place.

So what does all this mean for players on the iPoker Network? In reality, not much. However, with sites being rewarded more handsomely for attracting recreational players, it's likely the games could get softer in the coming months.

As skins scramble to adjust VIP rewards and make games more attractive for casual players, the number of fish could dramatically increase as the new revenue system begins to take effect.

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