New Poker Movie Debuts Next Week

New Poker Movie Debuts Next Week

Friday, 23 January 2015

A poker movie dubbed Mississippi Grind and starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn will debut next week at the Sundance Film Festival.

The cinematic offering will receive its maiden showing at Park City, Utah, and, according to its preview, the story follows veteran grinder, Gerry (played by Mendelsohn).

Down on his luck and unable to break his downswing, Gerry teams up with up-and-coming grinder, Curtis (played by Reynolds), who slowly begins to change his fortunes. However, as the film develops and the relationship between Gerry and Curtis becomes more and more entwined, things take an interesting twist.

Talking to Utah newspaper, Standard Examiner, one of the film's directors, Ryan Fleck, said: "The characters are getting to know each other at the same time the audience does. We think we know them and as we get in the car and spend time with them, that gets challenged."

Adding to that, co-director Anna Boden told the Standard Examiner that Gerry's story is one of self-discovery.

"In our lead character we have someone who is an adult, who's got all the responsibilities of being an adult but who has a very hard time facing those responsibilities. For him, the story is about the journey, the friendship, learning about himself and hopefully changing that.”

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