New Play Features Presidential Poker

New Play Features Presidential Poker

Friday, 10 April 2015

More than one American president has been partial to the odd game of poker and a new play pits five of them in one high stakes game.

Written by Herb Brown, The Final Table features Dwight Eisenhower, Warren Harding, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Harry Truman in a game which will see one of them banished to hell.

“Poker requires bluffing and reading other people,” Brown told the Columbus Dispatch. “Looking at these guys as they banter back and forth, you see what makes for a great president — and what weaknesses are intolerable.”

The comic satire sees the famous five bickering over their achievements and legacy.

“The comedy comes out of the dynamics between the five presidents as they talk and play power,” said Todd Covert who plays Eisenhower. “We’re playing a game of life and death because we’re being watched and graded on our responses to each other.”

The play opens this Friday.

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