New New York Online Poker Bill

New New York Online Poker Bill

Monday, 18 May 2015

A new online poker bill has been introduced to New York's legislative powers. Following a wave of positive momentum for igaming regulation within the state, John Bonacic has submitted bill S5302-2015 which is a revival of his 2013 effort to legalise the industry.

One of the key changes to Bonacic's latest effort is the removal of any bad actor clauses. This provision would mean that operators such as PokerStars wouldn't be excluded from entering the market if the bill is accepted.

As it stands, all games of chances, when not played inside a licensed casino, are banned in New York. However, S5302-2015 proposes a slight change to the language of New York's gaming laws so that games such as poker, where skill and chance exist in harmony, will be allowed.

If Bonacic's bill is successful, operators would have to be a $10 million licensing fee and the state would only allow ten operators. Tax rates would be 15% on gross gaming revenue and there would be a 180-day grace period between the signing of the law and its clauses going into effect.

Although the conditions look great for all parties concerned, there is currently no hearings or votes scheduled for the bill. However, this could change in the coming weeks as more political forces show their support for Bonacic.

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